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Being a Scrivener

Being a Scrivener today is first and foremost about enjoying the company of like minded people  from all over Yorkshire at a small number of relaxed social and entertaining educational events whilst also maintaining the traditional charitable aspect of medieval Guilds and retaining strong historical links with other Guilds in the City of York.

Our home in the city is the delightfully atmospheric medieval Bedern Hall, which provides the setting several times a year for exclusive dining events such as the annual 'Livery Dinner',  'Court Dinner', the 'Yorkshire Day Supper' and an annual history-themed presentation evening, with members encouraged invite and entertain guests at all activities.

The Guild runs a fund-raising annual 'Quiz Night', a popular event on the York calendar, attended by teams from the York business community.

Like other Guilds, the Scriveners demonstrate their rich heritage by producing a play on the back of a wagon as part of York's World famous Medieval Mystery Plays, as their medieval ancestors did. The Guilds see it as a privilege to help bring these plays to different generations of residents and visitors from all over the world.

It is, of course, up to individual members to decide their level of involvement and the activities they are interested in and have the time to embrace..

The Guild of Scriveners runs as a company limited by guarantee. Following a centuries old Guild tradition, a new ‘Master’ takes over each year and with the ‘Clerk’ , the 'Chamberlain' and ‘The Court of Assistants’ is responsible for the operation of the Guild, reporting back to members across the year and at the ‘Annual Court’ meeting.

Becoming a Scrivener is a unique way to support York’s traditions, enjoy the City's rich history and make new friends along the way.